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China Resources and Transportation Group Limited (“CRTG”) is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 00269). It mainly engages in toll expressway operation business in Inner Mongolia through an investment in Inner Mongolia Zhunxing Heavy Haul Expressway Company Limited (“Zhunxing”). Zhunxing has an exclusive right to operate the Inner Mongolia Zhunxing Heavy Haul Expressway for 30 years (excluding the construction period). The 265-km long expressway is the first heavy haul toll expressway in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) specifically designed for coal transportation and extends from the Jungar Banner, a major coal production area in the Ordos, in a northeasterly direction to Xinghe County, a major logistics hub for coal distribution in Northern PRC. This project is strategically important to the energy resources logistics in Northern PRC, as it connects the major coal production area with the distribution center in the region in the shortest, most convenient and economical way. This expressway was opened to traffic on 21 November 2013. It is able to sustain 100-ton trucks whereas most other expressways in PRC can only support 55-ton trucks. The Group currently holds an 86.87% interest in Zhunxing.

Moreover, the Group is also engaged in petroleum and related products business and forest operation business. In May 2017, the Group has commenced its business in the growing and sales of forage and agriculture products in Inner Mongolia. This new business allows the Group to capture the growth of the forage industry in northern PRC as driven by the government policies, and the investment in modern agricultural business is expected to receive substantial support from the state and local governments of the PRC.

The Group makes relentless efforts to explore business opportunities in order to expand and strengthen its operations, and new investments are expected to generate remarkable returns in the near future. With a primary focus on resources and transportation businesses, the Company will strive hard to maximize returns to shareholders.



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